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Workouts Include:
Strength Endurance

If you want Batman’s biceps, Whole Fitness isn’t for you. But if you want toned, healthy muscles, you’ve found your tribe!


Grab a water bottle! Kickboxing, drumsticks, tabata, and circuits are just a few ways we get our hearts pumping and calories burning.

Flexibility (Stretches)

Let’s get limber! Warms-ups, cool-downs, and dedicated yoga classes are just a few ways we help you loosen up and relax.

Your Path to Freedom Through Fitness

What is Whole Fitness really like? The best way to know is to experience it for yourself! Check out our calendar to plan your visit.

Big goals become reachable with a tribe on your side. Find the support, inspiration, and accountability you need to succeed in our private Facebook Group.

Get Fit & Free

What is the goal of joining the Whole Fitness tribe? Freedom. Freedom to love God, be whole, get healthy, and love others.

About US

Our group fitness classes are led by trained and certified group fitness instructors. Workouts are designed to facilitate physical, emotional, and spiritual stregthening and healing through teaching and application of Biblical principals.

Founded in 2016, Whole Fitness is committed to sharing the Good News of the gospel and setting people free through community fitness programs and other Biblical resources.

Whole Fitness Leaders
I thought I would give Whole Fitness a try for convenient fitness classes. What I found was so much more than that! Fun, challenging classes with a lot of variety and devotion time. Now I experience community, worship, and love from a group that truly cares about each other! It is practical and non-judgmental… I love it and everyone there!